Craig Goldman Endorsed by Tarrant County Commissioner Manny Ramirez


Wednesday, November 29, 2023

(Fort Worth) – Tarrant County Commissioner Manny Ramirez today announced his endorsement of Republican Craig Goldman as the next Congressman for the 12th District of Texas.

Ramirez, also former president of the Fort Worth Police Officers Association, said, “For more than a decade Craig Goldman has been unwavering in his commitment to serve the citizens of North Texas. As a leading Conservative State Representative, Craig has proven time and again that when we need someone to fight for public safety, lower taxes, and common sense government, that he will step up and do the job. Craig has been a trusted ally in Austin and a dependable friend in Fort Worth. I know Craig will serve us well in Congress and I look forward to working with him to improve the lives of all Texas families.”

In response to the endorsement, Rep. Goldman said, “Commissioner Manny Ramirez is a rising star in Tarrant County. What he has accomplished in less than one year as a County Commissioner is more than many accomplish in their entire careers. Additionally, I thank Manny for his many years of service as a Fort Worth police officer, where he served with distinction to keep our citizens safe. I look forward to partnering with him for many years to come.”

Tarrant County Precinct 4, represented by Commissioner Ramirez, includes well over 40% of all GOP primary voters in Congressional District 12.

Today’s endorsement follows a growing list of supporters who have decided to back Goldman’s candidacy. On Monday, Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker announced her official endorsement.  Last week, Senators Phil King, Kelly Hancock, and Drew Springer, senators who collectively represent all of Congressional District 12, announced their support.  Yesterday, State Representatives Giovanni Capriglione, David Cook, Charlie Geren, and Stephanie Klick endorsed Rep. Goldman, as well as former State Representative Matt Krause.

A small businessman, 4th generation Fort Worth native and Republican leader, Goldman has a long record of authoring and working to pass sweeping conservative legislation that has made Texas the national model for conservative governance. For more information, or to donate to Craig’s campaign, visit